More about Cafe Del Sol

We are a Mamma and bambini team co-creating flavoursome and addictive contemporary Italian food. Café del Sol is indeed the conduit for our passionate Italian cultural heritage and our sheer appetite for life…Not a traditional trattoria however, Café Del Sol is exactly as the name depicts, a Café with a whole lot of SOUL, a reflection of a new age Italian family sharing delightful food cooked with love, humility and integrity, served out of the pan and into your plate. We go to all extents to ensure that the love in our food can be smelt, seen, felt and tasted. At our haven of inspiration we have been blessed with the art of cooking that has been carried down for a number of generations. Being Italian, our course on cooking was life, a souvenir from birth, an incubated family legend that was waiting for a channel of expression. $0$0Our light and vibey urban escape shines with wisdom and personality. Adorning the walls are conundrums from the greats of our times from Buddha, Nelson Mandela, Einstein and Rumi as well as many others exemplifying a slice of life, filling our customers with light and positivity. A new age 20th century coffee house now exists and we invite you to join us to EAT awakening food, DRINK soulful, thirst quenching beverages & BE INSPIRED on any level you feel drawn too.