More about Arwen Garmentry

Although she was originally trained in Fine Arts & Graphic Design; around the turn of the century, Arwen Swan realised that it was impossible to buy quality corsetry; she would fuse a lifelong passion for sculpture and engineering with her extensive anatomical and medical knowledge and make some.

In 2001, she handed in her resignation to the graphic design company where she worked, taught herself to sew, and with no previous experience in the garment industry, set to work. That was eight years ago in a dining room in Emmarentia. Since then, the company has been through a number of incarnations and style changes; and has grown from a one-woman operation to employing a number of full time staff and has emerged as Arwen Garmentry. She now co-owns the business with Ben Skinner.

Arwen is one of the most respected and knowledgeable names in the world of corsetry, often quoted and featured extensively in the media - On TV, radio, music videos, numerous websites and in print for among others, Femina, Style, Elle, De Kat, Get it, Gauteng Business, Lentheric, American Swiss, Mendoza, The Citizen, Sawubona, The Star & Saturday Star, Pretoria News, Sarie, Cheeky, Garden & home, Home & leisure, Marie Claire, Bike SA TV, Top Billing, Carte Blanche, and Go TV, is worn by a number of celebrities and has been extensively photographed.

Arwen has developed a cult following with dedicated clients all over the world, including in the US, UK, France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Netherlands and South Africa, and now with the launch of the online shop and pret-a-porter range hopes to reach even further afield!