More about Saturn Cooling

Jason Mulder started Saturn Cooling on his own nine years ago. He began with a small client base and grew by word of mouth among restaurant owners in the Johannesburg area. Up until 2010 he had employed two people. The core focus of Saturn Cooling is installation, repair and maintenance of commercial refrigeration. Their clientele is made up of business owners who’ve become disillusioned with the type of service they’ve been given at all-too-often exorbitant costs. Saturn Cooling addresses these two concerns for their customers by, firstly, setting out a preventative maintenance plan – to preserve and prolong the life of their particular refrigeration units and secondly, by supplying the technical expertise in the repair and upkeep of these fridges. Saturn Cooling specialises in under counter bar fridges, beverage coolers, display fridges, cold and freezer rooms, ice machines and air conditioning.