More about Mabona Funeral Undertakers

Topollo Mabona worked for years an undertaker. He was responsible for everything ranging from admin, arranging the logistics for picking up the deceased, up until the funeral was done. Topollo then realised that he knew everything there was to know about the undertaking business, and he had ideas on how to improve the business. In 2002 he opened Mabona Funeral Undertakings. Topollo Mabona used the money from his previous job, as well as a contribution from his wife to open up his business. When he started he had just one hearse. He had to compete with 10 other funeral parlours in Mzimhlophe (Soweto). Topollo believes his business stands out because they offer a 24 hour on call service, the cheaper rates, grave closers (which is something funeral parlours did not do) and the feedback form they give all their clients to rate their funeral services . Mabona also provides extras when it came to the buses, chairs, and tents needed for the actual funeral. Mabona Funeral Undertakers has since grown their business to 21 hearses and operates in all nine provinces.