More about Moshabi Removals

Moshabi Removals is a moving company which belongs to Jack Hamese. Jack was brought up in Alex to poor parents. He was taken out of school around the age of twelve so he could help look after his family. He worked as a golf caddy, then as a porter for a removal company from 1979. Jack has a passion for helping people and working as a porter helped him meet and interact with people from all walks of life. He needed to make money so he could live a comfortable life, so on the weekend he delivered people and goods to people who were returning to their homelands. His excellent work got him noticed by a lot of people who started demanding his services. In 2008 Jack decided to leave his job as he saw this as a perfect opportunity to start his own business. He found a welder to make a trailer for him and he operated on his own on full time basis. This was the beginning of Moshabi Removals as a recognised business. Moshabi Removals now has one truck but the business is growing at a tremendous rate. Their services come highly recommended.