More about GG Motor Spares

GG Motor Spares was started by Gavin Graham roughly seven years ago. It was actually started as a second business with the hope that it would grow big enough to get the whole family somehow involved. GG Motor Spares was unfortunately managed poorly as Gavin could not be hands on constantly due his initial business. Jason Graham, Gavin’s brother then showed an interest in the business in May last year and saw the potential and so decided to give it a go. It’s been a little more than a year now and GG Motor Spares has more than doubled their turnover with less staff and hassles. GG Motors Spares is growing and getting stronger every month. The business specialises in Mini, Jaguar and Mercedes Benz C-class spares, GG Motors Spares is now in the business of supplying panelbeaters with spares for all makes and models. The brothers are now able to do this, as they have made an effort to grow relationships with various suppliers, locally and nationally. GG Motor Spares’ ultimate plan is to be your one stop spares shop, from supplying your basic running parts of vehicles to body panels, electrical systems as well as engines and gearboxes. The next few steps as the business grows, will be importing high demand goods and also possibly bespoke body styling and suspension systems, but time will tell with that, consistency is key in this business, so you have to keep our current client base, well serviced and happy before we consider getting ahead of ourselves.