More about Ignition Health

In February 2001 Leslie had an accident where a car hit him while he was cycling and he lost half his calf muscle in the process. Doctors said he wouldn't be able to cycle again and should rather focus on being able to walk. Little did the doctors know that within a month of the accident Leslie was walking again and two months later he was back on his bicycle and in November 2001 he completed his first major cycle race. So from there Leslie needed to start earning some money while he was still able to train. So he came up with a brilliant idea: to do a spinning instructors course and instruct classes. And get paid while he trains. Leslie did the course and loved the industry, and continued studying in it. Leslie then went on to do his personal training course, Pilates, kata box and became a masseur. Shortly after that Ignition Health was born with the aim of making his clients happy by assisting them to reach their goals. Leslie and his business partner originally started at a gym in Melville where they did the personal training there and hired their first trainer. Unfortunately it closed down which left them with a bit of an issue on how to move forward. Leslie and his business partner then decided if the clients cannot go to them, they will go to the client and that is how their mobile training service began. From that point, Ignition Health went to clients homes until a new gym had opened up and the owners allowed them to offer their services to his gym for around four years until they decided it was time for them to run their own gym. They prefer to call Ignition Health a fitness studio because it is tiny compared to the big corporate gyms, but they went for the more intimate, cosy, home away from home feel. Leslie believes he has an amazing team. Ignition Health is a team of five trainers (including Leslie) and they do try to go out of our way for their clients. Leslie tries to pass on his knowledge to his staff to make them better trainers, not just in the fitness aspect but in how to manage clients to make the experience for them the best it can be.