More about Bake it Yourself

Two good friends were sitting together one afternoon and came to a realisation that their dreams and ambitions were so similar with a joint passion for baking and an enthusiasm to become entrepreneurs, they decided to embark on the risky journey of opening up their very own store. In the blink of an eye, a perfect store location was found and the lease agreement signed, and there was no turning back. With fancy celebration cakes taking the world by storm Miriam and Shaakira decided on creating a one stop bake and cake store, where customers can purchase the ingredients, equipment as well as learn the skills for creating their masterpieces hence the name Bake It Yourself. Bake it Yourself’s goal is to create a unique all in one baking experience. For those who are really afraid of the science of baking and scared to get their hands sticky in the kitchen, Bake it Yourself also bakes celebration cakes on order, in store. All their baking is homemade using the finest ingredients available. For Miriam and Shaakira baking is therapy, not science.