More about SunShineGirls Cleaning

SunShineGirls Cleaning was established in 2012.
They are an owner managed team with over 30 years’ experience in the hospitality and domestic cleaning industry. Every job is owner supervised from start to finish. No job is too big or too small. So whether it is the garage that needs to be cleared, a spare room which has been converted into an indoor storage room or water damage from a leaking pipe, they will tackle it head on and restore it to its initial purpose. Having spent 20 years in the hospitality/cleaning industry Amanda Reid recognised a gap in the market, there was no-one providing onsite training of domestic workers. Service providers were notoriously unreliable and with the increase in the cost of living more and more families were unable to employ domestic assistance and battling to keep up with doing the work themselves.
Casual staff was often being exploited by being offered less than minimal wages for a day’s work. Our vision is to create a unique and customised cleaning solution that transfers skills and knowledge to previously unemployed or unskilled workers. Our Mission is to provide a reliable affordable service to our clients, a liveable wage for our workers and a complete cleaning solution that covers a wide spectrum of needs. We aim to run an ethical business that delivers on its promises that exceeds our client expectations.