More about Laughter Coaching

Laughter & Happiness Coaching was developed internationally and is a deceptively simple yet very powerful and potentially life changing technique that anyone can do. The sessions are informative and interactive. They are made up of information so that participants gain an understanding on stress, how it impacts on us, and what we can do to shift it. The focus is on motivating and uplifting individuals and helping them to cope with the challenges and stresses they may be facing. This starts to create a shift in thought processes. I teach and facilitate how participants can change the way they are feeling and the way in which teams relate to one another, in simple and easy to use ways and this is then interspersed with an interactive process where the participants get to actually implement what I teach and see how it can be used daily in their lives after the session is over. My belief is that I need them to come away inspired with tools that can be easily and simply used long after the session is over. The goal is to create a shift in participants that can be felt immediately. At the end of the session participants will feel energised, happier and instantly feel a change in their stress levels.
The session connects everyone together and creates bonds in a miraculous