More about Professional Pool Services

Our mission statement, is to be able to provide the best advice, service and quality goods to our clients.
This was something sorely lacking in Springs in 2005 when we began this business. I had worked in the Northern Suburbs of Johannesburg for many years, and realised that my home town had nothing to compare to how we operated there.
Over the past 8 years this has evolved to a more hands on, one on one interaction. I have been privileged enough to be able to make friends with my clients and have mourned their losses, and celebrated their victories with them. As times have changed, I realised my business had to as well. I am a single parent and realised that many of my clients were feeling the pinch, and felt it my duty to help my clients, as well as my family. I needed to change the way we did things, I now operate from home and do a pickup and delivery service to those who require it, and by reducing my overheads I was able to reduce my running costs and pass those savings along.
I believe in my customers seeing me, and being able to reach me whenever they have a concern, and as in the case in small towns I see a lot of them in the grocery stores and on the roads, sometimes we share a Hello, other times they remember some question they had, most of the time I can help them resolve by just listening.