More about Urban Fly Fishers

The shop is so much more than a “shop”, it is a place where the fly fishing community, men, ladies and kids – spend time chatting, learning about fishing and sharing their knowledge and experiences. The shop is a specialist fly fishing shop. I have owned Urban Flyfishers since March 2012 and my main aim with the shop was to stop it from being just a shop and for it to become a community.
Taking over the shop was quite a daunting experience, my past lies in the corporate world, specifically large IT companies, however, being one of the many who has been affected by retrenchments and changes in the business world, I needed to find an alternative. Something more secure and something I could really enjoy. This scenario, combined with having dealt with my wife being diagnosed with a brain tumour, which thankfully she has fully recovered from, and the systematic shocks this gave us all led to a real re-evaluation of what is important in life.I guess it’s everyone’s dream to turn their hobby into a way of life, and I have been lucky enough to do this. My passion for fly fishing is evident to everyone who comes into the shop. I have weekly fly tying workshops on Tuesday evenings and an open invitation to anyone who wants to learn more to join us on the water on Sundays, with Spring just upon us we will be focussing on the Vaal river and catching Yellowfish on fly an exhilarating experience.