More about Timothy and Clover

Timothy & Clover was launched in May 2013, offering an online market specialising in natural and artisanal food products, produced locally and delivered to your door. Customers can choose to receive the veg box or meat box of the week-filled with pre-selected fresh seasonal produce - or to make up their own box by selecting various individual items.
Fruit and vegetables are grown naturally – the market supports certified organic producers as well as a number of small local farms and community food gardens that are growing their produce organically, but who can’t afford the organic certification fees. Meat, eggs and dairy are from grass-fed and free range animals that are raised with a commitment to animal welfare that far exceeds what is legislatively required in order to earn the “free range” stamp.
They also stock a number of artisanal products such as free range traditional cooking oils, like tallow and duck fat, raw honey, baked goods and treats, traditional fermented products, traditional broths and ready meals made from free range meat and naturally grown veg.
They believe that what everyone chooses to eat is a powerful choice that has a major influence on personal, social and environmental health. The couple sees the movement towards sustainable production of natural food as critical to a positive future for theirs and the country’s children.