More about Ecliptic Estate Management CC

This company started in January 2012. After serving as a Trustee and Chairperson on her Body Corporate for five years, Jacque realised there was a gap in the market for a company that provided the appropriate level of service to home owners and residents, to ensure peace of mind and to enhance the residential communal living experience. She was also appalled by the working conditions of some of the outsourced staff, and wanted to create a company that gave a damn. Residential communal living has grown to the extent that the management of the operations portfolio has become a specialist-industry, which will only continue to demand an enhanced level of professionalism and knowledge-base.

The company employs thirteen people and at all fifteen of their estates they ensure that the security officers / gardening / cleaning staff have staff rooms, access to kettles and beverages, warm clothing in winter, year end staff gratuities and the like.

Ecliptic Estate Management is the intermediary between the Board and everyone else; the face on the poster so to speak, which removes the need for Trustees / Directors to be available for and involved in the routine issues that arise from managing the estate. Ecliptic Estate Management has a corporate management philosophy. Estates are managed according to their individual needs with sound business principles ensuring corporate governance on all levels. Human resources, marketing, operations, strategy, customer orientation, due diligence, communication and service delivery all form part of estate management operations.

Ecliptic Estate Management only appoints estate managers of the highest calibre. Potential estate managers are considered not only for their high level of skill, but for their passion, commitment, attention to detail and solid human relations abilities. All estate managers undergo stringent training and bring a unique skill-set to the estate-team. They are able to assist in enhancing the quality of lifestyle offered by the estate as well as the value of the investment.

The systems and procedures at Ecliptic Estate Management are standardised, ensuring uniformity and continuity within the group