More about Re-invent Health

Re-Invent Health started in 2006 by Nicci Robertson. After battling for years with health and weight issues, Nicci formulated the Re-Invent Methodology which is not a diet, but rather a lifestyle programme that enables healthy behaviour change and therefore the ability to make healthier food choices.
Their founding premise is that everyone is different and not everyone will respond to the same nutrition protocol. They take an extensive amount of time getting to know their clients. Understanding the clients challenges and creating a healthy nutrition program that not only enables healthy weight maintenance but good health in general.
The company’s typical clients are those who have been on every fad diet and been to every specialist but still cannot maintain a healthy weight. Or those who battle with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, inflammatory bowel disorder and depression.

The Re-Invent approach to nutrition focuses on fat loss and retention of valuable lean weight, taking into account the complex hormonal factors influencing weight and health in general. There will never be a definitive, one size fits all answer. No diet will suit everyone all the time. But there are a number of fundamental non-negotiable when it comes to a well-balanced life and avoiding disease.

The Re-Invent nutrition methodology is based on the most up to date scientific research.
A specialised combination of cognitive behavioural therapy, neuro linguistic programming and clinical nutrition.