More about Queen of Clean

For the past 20 years Julie Hayward found an increasing number of clients getting fed up with trying to keep their curtains clean by taking them to the dry cleaners. After months of research overseas, Hayward found that it was possible to clean curtains on site where they hang, without taking them down. She then decided to start her own business, Queen of Clean. They offer a dry cleaning solution for carpet and loose rug cleaning, including sisal, jute, Persians and wool carpets. The business specialises more in the cleaning of curtains, fabric blinds, all upholstery, including headboards and lampshades, carpets and rugs. Based in Randburg, Queen of Clean does their cleaning in all areas across Gauteng. They are a professional, efficient and pleasant team. It is ideal for post renovation, pre and post rental. It is a fact of life that people live in a polluted environment and if one has pets, there will be thousands of dust mites living in the rooms often causing allergies. Queen of Clean accommodates everybody. They use a demote process which is well suited for people with allergies. Their dry cleaning system is approved by the British Allergy Foundation. No soggy carpets or couches and they even clean curtains on the rail. Their experienced team provides a superior service to ensure that customer’s experience is hassle free and are left with a clean and allergy free home.