More about Personal Medical Claims Assistants (PMCA)

Established in 2013, Personal Medical Claims Assistants (PMCA) is the first company in South Africa to use the term ‘Medical PA’ and are constantly looking for ways to improve claims administration within the Health Care industry. They are the only service that deals directly with the client, providing individual medical claims administration. The company liaises with the medical practice, medical aid and gap cover on behalf of their clients, ensuring they save time and money on phone calls to call centres. Their mission is to assist individuals with all their medical claims, to sort and order them, to file and make sure they are all up to date. They call the medical aids and all practices on the member’s behalf and follow up on all medical claims. The company investigates their clients’ claims history on a monthly basis to ensure that there are no claims left unattended. PMCA has been selected to participate in a three year Corporate Enterprise Development project for 2015 to 2017 run by Raizcorp Inc. and sponsored by Shell.