More about BN Business Solutions

BN Business Solutions is a 21st century accounting firm that proudly embraces technology to deliver efficient top of the range accounting services to SMEs across South Africa. This is embodied in their tagline “Purely millennial”.
The firm was established by 23 year old Bakani Ngulani; the BN in the company name, in August 2015 and to date has managed to build a reputation of speed; excellent customer care and going beyond offering what the contract with the client says. Their services include company, VAT, income tax and CIDB registrations as well as the associated returns. They also offer monthly accounting and taxation services for small businesses to help them manage their services and be compliant with applicable business requirements. They have partnered with firms in the branding and website design space to be able to offer upcoming entrepreneurs a one stop destination for them to register their companies and get a BEE rating, get a logo and cards as well as a website. Even though the company is still in its infancy we have a division called NPO Compliance, which offers accounting and compliance services to Non Profit Organisations. This division was set up as our contribution to the community since over 50 000 NPOs faced deregistration due to non-compliance and BN Business Solutions believes that their existence is key to the nation. NPOs constitute preschools; welfare associations and churches.