More about The Courier Company

The Courier Company is a concept where people come online and send parcels anywhere in South Africa. They come online and get real time prices and durations of sending a parcel from point A to B in South Africa. The best part is that they get it at really good prices and the courier comes to them. It is an on demand courier service. So any person who is thinking of opening an online store or have things to sell on mediums like OLX, Gumtree or Bid or Buy can do so with ease. It gives the opportunity for any South African to have a fully sourced logistical system without actually paying a premium to have this service. Most couriers want you to open up accounts and have certain targets to be met before you can enjoy good rates. Some couriers you have to buy prepaid coupons but The Courier Company steers away from any sort of investment. There are only three steps to book in a parcel.