More about Battle Wizards

Battle Wizards is a family-run business that retails table top games, comic books and figurines as well as hosting gaming events. They cater to the board gaming, trading card gaming and war-gaming communities in Gauteng by making merchandise and gaming events easily accessible. They also carry a large variety of comic books and figurines. The store provides a safe, friendly environment for gamers of all ages and skill levels to socialise, getting away from the daily rat race and electronic overload. They are located at the Doringkloof Mall in Centurion.
The company currently host Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, Warhammer, Star Wars X-Wing and Boardgaming events. The trading card game events are internationally sanctioned events and give players the opportunity to qualify for participation at international tournaments.
Battle Wizards is a black, female owned business. They import most of their products from the United States and United Kingdom. Some of their products are purchased from local distributors as well. They pride themselves on being a customer-centric store, always putting customers and players first. Battle Wizards is currently 15 months old.