More about Body Brilliance

Body Brilliance is a wellness business based on creating real, sustainable multilevel wellbeing in thousands of people, globally. The business has many parts including a physiotherapy practice, a coaching practice, exercise classes and lifestyle courses, mindfulness training and a corporate training and public speaking branch.
The mission statement of the business is to empower people to feel great inside and outside through physiotherapy, learning, raised awareness and easy to use tools. They intervene on whatever level help is required: mind or body. People who have engaged with the company will be fitter, healthier and better in 10 years' time than they are now. This means everything they do is aimed at the cause of any symptoms and is designed to produce lasting change.
On staff they have two specialised physiotherapists, including director and owner Sue Fuller-Good and one business manager. They are looking for a new administration person and have a cleaner and a gardener come handyman in the support team.
The company is a on a strong growth drive, building new online products and creating webinars and videos. Up until now their services have been available to people and businesses who are in their geographical location and this is where they wish to expand, moving into the world of technology, allowing the global village to enjoy their services.