More about DUCK Projects

DUCK Projects is a Level 1 BEE Contributor established in 2014 and specialises in corporate office moves, document management, asset management and handyman services. They offer consultations and work closely with the client from planning and budget allocations right to the end of the move.
They also offer:
1. Purge campaigns – includes scanning ,shredding and recycling of waste from old premises before the move
2. Supply of packing consumables - make use of environmentally friendly eco boxes with security seals, recyclable bubble wraps etc.
3. Technical Team - to assist with sequential packing, crating of fine art, dismantling, wrapping, moving and assembling of furniture, bulk filers, shelving racks etc.
4. Actual move logistics – they offer a hassle free office relocation process, trained and uniformed motivated team with adequate trucks ranging from 1ton-10ton depending on the work load assessed by DUCK.
5.Post Move Clean up - Clearing the remaining furniture either donate it to schools ,or to people in most of the informal settlements ,and making sure the old office are ready to hand over to the landlords
With DUCK Projects nothing is impossible when you have to change your space, anytime, anywhere, no matter how small or how big your office is, with their trusted methodology you won’t go wrong.