More about AdminAssist

AdminAssist is South Africa’s largest and most trusted group of part-time assistants.
AdminAssist loves administrative tasks! They are really good at it too. Adminassist does people, companies and various organizations’ admin on a part-time basis. Whether you just need someone to change your piling system into a filing system or a regular administrative assistant to support your daily operations, they have a solution! You could also choose between having someone physically at your place of work, or remotely as a virtual assistant! When you have a professional taking care of those daily operational tasks that drive you nuts, you have more time to spend on your core business; making you more productive and in turn, making more money. Secondly, a better organised work environment makes your business more efficient, accurate and – yes, it’s true – professional. Lastly, you could actually be saving money on UIF, office space and leave when you pay only for a service rendered and not a salary.