More about Animal Health Solutions

Tanya started her Hydro in 2009 as a result of my interest in investigating ‘alternative’ therapies to support physically challenged and debilitated animal companions . Over the last eight years, it has grown into an amazing opportunity to serve my human clients, their animal companions, my colleagues and the greater community.
Her five member Team provides Veterinary Physical Rehabilitation treatments to patients in the Gauteng region. With our new Mobile unit staffed by Dr Tamsin Price, we are able to reach many more homebound and otherwise inaccessible patients. By 2018 I plan to have 5 Hydros in and around South Africa.
In 2017 the Workgroup, of which I am a member, will present to Parliament the results of a 5 year investigation requesting and outlining the promulgation of a new profession. During that period I have been on a mission to spread the word through professional education, public workshops and pro bono work for Husky Rescue and Pug Rescue.
My vision is to see a new class of Veterinary Physical Rehabilitation professionals touching the lives of thousands of guardians and their ailing animal companions, bringing them a quality of life that has been, for many of them, out of reach.