More about Portia’s One Stop Shop

Portia started the business by doing family events while still in high school, continued while employed in the various industries she worked and in 2012 decided to leave her corporate job to pursue the business fulltime.
Some of the reasons why she started are: always had a natural flair and interest in beautiful and creative décor setups, loved cooking and baking and just everything concerning getting people together to enjoy any occasion.
In the last four years she went from outsourcing all her goods for hire, as well as the cakes, to fulfill orders, to now having her own goods to hire out and doing the baking herself. Currently she specialises in custom novelty and wedding cakes etc. and has kiddies’ parties, weddings, hiring and other events orders however, the baking happens almost daily. Portia believes in the potential of her business and aims to expand in the next five years own a fully equipped bakery and a more efficiently run events coordinating section where she will employ hundreds if not thousands of people who will surely make a difference in her life and her in theirs and in turn the South African economy.